Solar Connector Cable

This pair of red + black 6mm² solar panel extension connection cable is made of H1Z2Z2-K standard solar wire with IP67 PV connector. It’s easy and quick to install. The connecting wire is waterproof and high temperature resistant, UV resistant, corrosion resistant, and perfect for outdoor use.

Standard and Approvals

TÜV 2 PfG 1169/08.2007
Weather und UV resistant HD 605/A1
Halogen-free acc. to EN 50267-2-1 IEC670754-1
Resistant to acid and bases acc. to EN60811-2-1
Flame-resistant acc. to VDE 0482-332-1-2 DIN EN 60332-1-2
O-zone resistance acc. to EN50396
Smoke density: IEC61034, EN50268-2
Connector acc. to IP67

Cable Structure:

Conductor: Tinned copper
Insulation: Cross-linked polyolefin
Jacket: Cross-linked polyolefin
Connector: 6mm solar connector IP67

Technical data:

Resistant to short-circuits up to 200°C
Hydrolysis and ammoniac-resistant
Voltage Rating Uo/U
AC: 1000/1000V
DC: 1500/1500V
Maximum Voltage (Umax): 1800V
Rated Current: 30A
Test Voltage: 6.5kV AC
Temperature Rating Fixed: -40° C to +90° C
Minimum Bending Radius: 4 x overall diameter
Maximum Conductor Temperature: +120° C (for 20000h)
The Expected Service Life: 25 years

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