Cables for All industries

KMCABLE’s reliable and efficient Cable Solution now covering Solar Energy Storage, Industry Automation, Building Construction, E-mobility, Automotive Industry.    

To meet the requirements of different countries and regions, our cable can be manufactured according to the relevant IEC VDE CE and UL standards.   

A technical team with over ten years of cable industry experience can provide OEM CABLE services based on your cable usage environment, including but not limited to High-temperature Cables, Drag Chain Cables, and Crane cables.

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Renewable Energy Cable

KMCABLE is good at supplying different kinds of Solar Cable Battery cables for renewable energy projects.

E-Mobility Cable

E-Mobility and electric vehicle cables are new types of cables as the development of EV cars and Charging Stations. You can get both ev power cable and charging cable from us.

Automotive Cable

We offer different standards of Automotive cable, eg: AVSS(Japanese), FLRY(Germany), TXL(American)

Industrial Automation Cable

We can customize the control cable as your request. Our expert will provide excellent solutions to meet the cable needs of UV resistance, flexibility, drag resistance, or high-temperature resistance

Building&Construction Cable

Our LSZH cables solve the shortcomings of PVC building construction wires and cables. Halogen-free, low-smoke, flame retardant with excellent short-circuit load capacity, making it a wise choice for you.

Spiral and Pre-assembled cable

We have competitive experience with spiral cables. Trailer Cables, MPG Cables, and earth ground cables are widely made into spiral types to meet the demands of adaptability, practicality, and wear resistance.

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