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E-Mobility Cables for Electrical Vehicle and Charging Station

As governments around the world announce subsidies for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are gradually becoming known and accepted by the public. The public’s demand for electric vehicles is also increasing, such as comfortable seating space, more intelligent AI driving, faster acceleration of 100 kilometers, and higher charging efficiency. This has strict requirements for the corresponding electric vehicle assembly system and charging system.

Faced with these challenges, KMCABLE has designed and produced special EV high-voltage power cables and EV charging cables. These cables can meet the requirements of high flexibility, high-temperature resistance, high current resistance, and thinner wall thickness.

High Voltage Power Distribution Cables

EV Power Distribution Cable, this cable is used for EV internal power transmission to provide power to electric vehicles. In order to face the harsh conditions inside an electric vehicle, the sheath material of electric vehicle cables is usually XLPO(Cross-linked polyolefin) or silicone rubber.


Silicone rubber material can be a relatively good choice in terms of economy, it can withstand temperatures up to 200 ℃ and has amazing flexibility. However, the mechanical strength and abrasion resistance are not ideal, and the non-flame-retardant properties often lead manufacturers to choose XLPO.


XLPO material because of its complex crosslinking process, the production cost will be higher. Although the performance in extreme low temperature environment will be slightly inferior to silicone rubber, but it has excellent performance in high mechanical strength, wear resistance, flame retardant properties. Therefore, manufacturers often choose XLPO material to connect batteries and motors when equipping cables for high-voltage electric vehicles.

EV Charging Cables

Electric vehicle charging cables, are cables used to connect electric vehicles to charging piles for efficient power transfer. PUR TPE Rubber is a common material used for electric power transmission.

H05BZ5-F & H07BZ5-F

The H07BZ5-F cable, designed according to EN50620 standard, is a relatively mature EV charging cable. The cable is made of PUR jacket and rubber insulation. Therefore, it has good resistance to high temperatures, oil, chemicals and weathering. Whether it is an outdoor charging station, a mobile charging device or a charging station in an industrial environment, it has excellent performance. However, compared to ordinary cables, his counterfeiting tends to be more expensive.


The insulation and sheath of EVJE cables designed according to UL62/CSA C22.2 standards are often made of TPE material. Therefore, its flexibility, oil resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance performance is good, but in the high temperature environment may not be good. The cable is suitable for electric vehicle charging piles and mobile charging equipment in the Americas market.

H05RN-F & H07RN-F

H07RN-F is a rubberized multi-core cable that is more commonly used in the industry. Because of its rubber jacket and insulation, it has good resistance to friction, weathering and oils, but compared to other cables H07RN-F is heavier and less suitable for lightweight applications such as mobile charging equipment. It is often used in industrial locations, especially in scenarios that require high mechanical strength.

Low Voltage Cables

Low-voltage cables used in the interior of Electrical Vehicles are typically used to link the audio light system. These cables are made of PVC XLPE or some high-temperature-resistant material. It is characterized by thin wall and high temperature resistance.


FLRY automotive wire, this German standard automotive wire is designed according to ISO 6722 standard. This PVC automotive wire has a very thin wall, which makes it easy to install the low voltage circuit system inside the car. The maximum operating temperature is 105℃. It is a very economical low voltage wire for automotive interiors electronic system.


This XLPE insulated American Standard automotive wire is manufactured to SAE J1128 standards. Because its material is characterized by high temperature resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance, this wire is usually used in the engine compartment of automobiles. However, due to its complicated process, its production cost is relatively expensive.


This German standard data cable is made according to VDE0295 VDE 0281, it has an 85% tinned copper shield and therefore has good EMI immunity. It is suitable for signal and data transmission scenarios where high immunity to interference is required.

Product certifications and compliance

All of our cable products comply with stringent international and national standards, including VDE, UL and CE certifications. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure superior performance and safety in a variety of environments. Not only are our cables designed and manufactured to comply with these standards, they are also audited and certified by third-party certification organizations to ensure that each cable meets the highest quality requirements.

Custom Cable Solutions

The new energy vehicle industry is an emerging industry in recent years, and the related cable industry standards are not perfect now. Therefore, we also provide cable customization service with our rich experience. We can customize the cables according to your needs and environment, and the details of customization can be as specific as the total outer diameter of the cable, shielding density, plastic material number, number of strands of copper wire, and stranding coefficient.

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