Fire Cable UL1424

Fire alarm cables are cables that are used to provide power as well as signals to fire alarm safety systems. Because of the special use of this cable, often these signal cables need to be fire resistant and low smoke and halogen free in order to be used in the event of a fire.

This cable is primarily used for emergency lighting, fire observation, signal sensing sensor systems, exhaust fan systems, communication intercom systems, equipment control systems, fire pumps, and fire alarm system circuits.

Standard and Approvals

UL1424, UL13

Cable Structure:

Conductor: Tinned copper
Insulation: PVC
Jacket: Flame-Retardant 105℃ PVC
Screen: Al-Foil with drain wire

Technical data:

Lightweight, easy to install, with small wiring and footprint.

Utilizes high flame-retardant insulation materials, filling materials, and sheathing, providing strong self-extinguishing properties.

Rated working temperature: 90°C, 105°C

Rated voltage: 300/300V


Number of
AWG size of conductorMaximum diameter of single conductorMaximum Diameter of multicoreNoimnal thickness of insulationNominal thickness of sheathBinding
Approx overall diameter
2260.4040.4570.300.60AL tape3.43.5
240.5110.5790.300.60AL tape3.63.7
220.6430.7290.300.60AL tape3.94.1
200.8130.9190.350.60AL tape4.44.6 tape5.05.3
161.291.460.400.60AL tape5.65.9
141.631.850.500.60AL tape6.66.9
122.052.320.600.70AL tape8.08.6
102.592.950.700.70AL tape9.610.2
4260.4040.4570.300.60AL tape3.83.9
240.5110.5790.300.60AL tape4.14.2
220.6430.7290.300.60AL tape4.44.6
200.8130.9190.350.60AL tape5.05.3 tape66.1
161.291.400.400.70AL tape6.67.0
141.631 850.500.70AL tape7.98.5
122.052.320.600.80 AL tape9.610.3
6260.4040.4570.300.60 AL tape4.44.6
240.5110.5790.300.60 AL tape4.74.9
220.6430.7290.300.60 AL tape5.15.4
200.8130.9190.350.60 AL tape5.96.3 tape7.07.5
161.291.460.400.70AL tape7.88.4
141.631.850.500.80 AL tape9.710.5
122.052.320.600.80 AL tape11.512.4
8260.4040.4570.300.60 AL tape4.65
240.5110.5790.300.70AL tape5.15.3
220.6430.7290.300.70AL tape5.55.8
200.8130.9190.350.70AL tape6.46.7 AL tape7.57.9
161.291.460.400.80AL tape8.48.90
141.631.850.500.80 AL tape10.110.81
122.052.320.600.80 AL tape1212.9

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