UL4703 PV 600V

These type PV cables meet the lated standards as introduced in NEC Article 690. Applications include connection to module junction boxes; required cable routing in balance of system (BOS) integration and where also allowed by the NEC.

Standard and Approvals

UL 4703 600V
Relative permittivity: UL854
Cold bending test: UL854
Weathering/UV-resistance: UL2556
Fire test: UL1581 VW-1
Heat distortion test:
UL1581-560(121 土 2° C)X1h,2000g, ≤ 50%

Cable Structure:

Flexible soft copper conductor class 5
Jacket: Sun-resistant PVC
Insulation: XLPE

Technical data:

Nominal voltage: 600V AC

Voltage test on completed cable:3.0kV AC,1min

Ambient temperature:-40° C up to +90° C

Max.Temperature at conductor:+120° C

The Expected Service Life: 25 years

The permitted short-circuit-temperature refers to a period of 5s is+200° C

Minimum Bending Radius: 8 x overall diameter

Cross section (AWG)Conductor construction (No./mm)Conductor Stranded OD.max (mm)Cable OD (mm)Max Cond Resistance ohms/kmCurrent carring Capacity AT 60° C (A)

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